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Who We Are
Our Commitment

onsITe is the premier and leading IT services provider in Lahore and many other cities. Leveraging its rich expertise and experience, we purely focus on quality and customer service. Infect, onsITe has re-written the quality of service parameters in Pakistani context. As we've been a trend setter in IT Services. We’ve also set new quality standards totally aligned with customers’ expectations and requirements, but despite delivering top notch quality and un-matched customer support, onsITe does not believe in overcharging its customers. That's why our charges are highly competitive even for the services for which there is no competition yet.
Fair and ethical business is hallmark of our corporate strategy. Customers' confidence earned with hard efforts of last many years is our most prestigious asset and we always go extra mile to protect this asset. This combination makes onsITe as most trusted and reliable IT Services Provider in Pakistan.


Every business has specific, individual needs that require custom enhancements and modifications to provide specialized functionality. Even though most systems provide businesses with the basic tools that all businesses need, they may not always provide a complete solution. While other businesses require specialized functionality to the extent that the best solution is to develop a customized program that fulfills the client's exact needs. At onsITe, we ensure that we thoroughly understand our client's particular business, from their long-term goals to their day-to-day operations, and provide them with a solution that will solve their business needs and help their business grow. Whether a stand-alone system, or customization to an existing system, we can provide a tailored solution to meet even the most specific requirements.

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