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Bitdefender Antivirus authorized reseller
Bitdefender Business Solutions

Bitdefender Small Business Security

Securing company computers and smart phones is a priority for every company, small or large. Loss of data or time wasted to clean a computer is something no company should go through. Now with the popularity of smartphones lots of data is stored on them so securing mobile devices is a must.
Bitdefender Small Business Security pack takes care of all the PCs, Macs, and Android tablets and phone with one license.

Bitdefender Cloud Security

The days when your employees were tethered to their desks by network cables are behind us. Today, they’re working from virtually anywhere on the globe—accessing your network, thus leaving your company vulnerable from attack from a mindboggling array of entry-points. Luckily, staying safe is no farther than the Bitdefender Cloud!
This loss of productivity can cripple a small company and at best, hamper the company's activity.

Bitdefender Client Security

The security requirements for any new or existing company no matter how large or small - should be the same. While protecting your companys intellectual property and securing customer data are good business practices, the impact of any virus outbreak greatly affects the companys operational efficiency and can incur lost productivity from the workforce.
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